First Impressions

(Platform – Vowels) + Capitalization = PLTFRM

A very difficult equation showing just how complex our name is.
joke – we just kept it simple.


First impressions last, or so we’ve been told. So here we are at our infancy, bursting with ideas, ready to write and waiting to be judged – say hello to PLTFRM. The very beginnings of what I hope is going to be a vast and inclusive space flooded with hot new content, creative graphics and an all-encompassing reach that leads every reader to discovery.

An exciting new social platform bringing you the latest content. Think of this site as a gallery, one that showcases the latest trends, hot topics, new recipes and everything in between. We want to be home to such a huge, almost imploding array of content that you find yourself asking where the last few days went while you take a break from endlessly clicking through the insanely odd but hugely appealing articles featured on this site. This is sandwiched of course by strange cat gifs and that recipe you vowed to make after eating it in that cool independent ‘coffee house’.

Most importantly though this is a sharing platform – that is – a platform created and powered by YOU. What better way  to engage your readers than to give them the ability to write and express themselves. We have space for just about anybody and anything, so if you have something to share – an article, video, graphics…the list goes on- then we are happy to share it. Just send your content ideas to

Of course the content you see here will be lightly curated to ensure PLTFRM’S tone is a positive one. We don’t want anybody to feel offended, threatened or upset by this space.

Let’s get started.


Founder & Curator of PLTFRM



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